Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Highlights from the past month!

Okay.  I suck at updating my blog.  I'm going to do my best, and that's all I can promise.

But first, I will make excuses.  I thought that returning to fitness after having a baby would be more full of problems and issues that I had to work around.  It's not.  I feel completely and 100% normal.   Yes, I am out of shape, compared to before.  Yes, my core is a little bit weaker than it was before.

Actually I think my core is a lot weaker than it was before, but it is by no means weak.  That's my biggest issue.  Even the peeing of the pants is almost 100% gone.  (Yay!)  There just aren't any lingering problems.  I just feel like a beginner again.

Cutest baby ever.
And now, it's just been fun.  I love working out.  I even love where I am right now, because every day, I get to make huge gains in the gym.  Like today, I got a ring dip!  I can't believe I got a ring dip again so soon.  I am looking most forward to my first post-partum muscle up.  But, every single day, I set a PPPR (post partum personal record).  It's like I am starting CrossFit all over again.  Except this time, I know where I am headed.  I have these old PRs in the back of my head that I can't wait to reach - and then smash!

I've also been thinking a lot about competing in the CrossFit Games next year again.  My biggest concern is maintaining lactation through the event (if Morgan is still breastfeeding, that is, which I hope he is).  I'm not sure I could do that, but we'll just see.  I also want to compete on an affiliate team.  Sitting at home, nursing Morgan, watching the CrossFit games this year....I just couldn't help but want to be there.  I would never in a million years trade Morgan for being able to go to the Games this year, but it did get me all fired up for next year!

So, for now, let me fill you in on the highlights from the past 4 weeks:

7/13/10:  Back Squat 145 x 5
7/17/10:  "Helen" in 9:36 (2 minutes off my time of 3 weeks prior!!!)
7/20/10:  Deadlift 190  (which reminds me, I need to go for a DL max again!)
7/24/10:  Front Squat 125 x 5
7/28/10:  Back Squat 155 x 3
7/30/10:  Split Jerk 130!!  (Thank you Sage Burgener)
7/31/10:  Olympic Lifting Meet, Snatch 96.8#, Clean and Jerk 125.4#

And, today:  I got a ring dip!  AND, I front squatted 155# for 1 rep, which was 10 pounds above my goal of 145#!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


For those of you who know me, you probably also know that "Helen" is one of my favorite workouts of all time AND that I have a pretty darn good time, compared to all other CrossFitters.

"Helen" is:  3 Rounds for time of:  400m Run, 21 Kettlebell Swings, 12 Pullups.  My PR is 8:12.

So, when Ben suggested that I do "Helen" last Sunday....I thought he was insane.  My first thought was that it was going to take me about 14 minutes.  I KNEW I wouldn't get under 10 minutes.  I KNEW I certainly wouldn't come close to my old PR.  But it was really hard to face the truth, that I was going to be SLOW.  I said I would consider it, but I thought I would do something else.

But, when only Izo showed up for the Sunday 9 a.m. class, and Morgan was behaving....I got talked into doing "Helen".  Izo has never done "Helen", and for someone who is as bad-ass as she is, and has been CrossFitting for as long as she has....she should do "Helen".  So, we decided to ditch the workout of the day and go for the girl!

I started off the first round with a 400m Run in 1:31.  I was pretty pleased with that considering I would probably only be 10-15 seconds faster if I were in "tip top shape".  You never want to go out TOO hard on the first run....  Anyway, I came back in right behind Izo, did all of my kettlebell swings in a row (much to my surprise!), and headed to the pullup bar.  I did not make all 12 pullups in a row, but I was definitely not planning on that!

Each round got progressively slower, of course.  My kettlebell swings were no longer done unbroken, and of course the pullups got harder and harder each round.  The run, too!  It was everything I could do to not walk in my last 400!  This was just not like me!

I finished in 11:32, which was a few minutes faster than I thought I would do, so I am very pleased with that!

Here's a photo of Izo and I after the workout:
I want to be just like Izo when I grow up.

I suppose I shall just post the rest of last week's workouts and musings here as well.  I have been so bad at posting, but now that Morgan is almost 6 weeks old I feel like I am finally a little bit of free time, so I should be able to post more regularly.  Plus my workouts are starting to feel much better, which excites me and makes me want to post more!

WOD 100628
Clean and Jerk, work up to a max for the day of 115#  (compare to PR set April 2009 of 155# in the clean, 146# in the jerk)

Then, 5 rounds for time of:
Deadlift 115#
10 Pull-ups

I used a red band for the pull-ups.  I was toast from "Helen" on Sunday and this workout is basically the same!  HELLO posterior chain - we fried you yesterday, let's do it again today!  I could not do a deadhang pull-up today!


I could not concentrate, I was exhausted, and Morgan was hungry and all I could think about was how I should be feeding him.  Not my best performance....

WOD100629  (1 month postpartum!)

Soccer.  I played 1/2 the game due to a hungry baby.

Front Squat 3-3-3-3-3

(compare to previous PR of around 160# I think.  Maybe 155#.....)

I really should have taken this as a rest day.  Again, exhausted, cranky baby.  I did not realize that this would effectively be day #4 in a row, and with soccer the next day, that would make 5 days in a row!


Soccer.  I played almost the entire hour.  Very tired, but played hard.  I played mostly left forward this game.  I liked it.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Week 3 and 4 Workouts and Thoughts

I spent the better part of the past week with an infant attached to my boobs, which made it nearly impossible to do ANYTHING, nevermind update my blog.  Ahhh, the joys of breastfeeding a growing baby....

So, last week, I did manage to get in 3 workouts PLUS 2 soccer games/practices.  I was pretty exhausted by Friday evening, after my 2nd "workout" of the day, which consisted of kicking a soccer ball and practicing my dribbling skills with the soccer ball, so I rested over the weekend.

This week, I also got in 3 workouts, but only 1 soccer game.

WOD100614 (postpartum day 16)
5 Rounds for time of:
5 Thrusters 55#
10 Burpees


Thrusters felt heavy!  Wow!  I am OUT OF SHAPE!  No problems in this workout, but I had quite the Fran cough later.  Since this was my first workout (besides the 5k), I was afraid that I had gone too hard, but I experienced no ill-effects.

WOD100617 (postpartum day 19)
Deadlift 5-5-3-3-1-1-1

My back felt like the limiting factor here.  Well, that and my grip.  I feel good with this 1RM.  It's more than my first-ever 1RM deadlift, which is a good thing :)  I had no idea what to expect going into this workout, but I am okay with the results.

WOD100618 (postpartum day 20)

Front Squat 5-5-3-3-3-1-1

Then, 21-15-9 reps for time of:
Overhead Squat 45#


Very happy with the front squat.  I was feeling the deadlifts from yesterday in the left side of my back.  I could have maybe even done more, but my knees were starting to roll in, and I promised myself I would not push the weights to those that caused my knees to roll in.  I have tight IT bands and weak adductors, and I want to make sure I build up that strength along with the rest of my legs.

WOD100622 (postpartum day 24)
Deadlift 3-3-3

Press 3-3-3-1-1

I didn't increase the weight in the deadlift from last week, but they felt easier.  I am pretty happy with the press today, as well.  Again, more than I could do when I first started CrossFit, though a good 15 pounds off of my PR.

WOD100623 (postpartum day 25)
Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

Then, "Death by Pull-ups"
With a continuously running clock, complete 1 pull-up the first minute, 2 pull-ups the 2nd minute....continue until you cannot complete the required number of reps.

Result:  8!

WOD100625 (postpartum day 27)
135# Snatch, 30 reps for time.

3:34 with 65#

I have ALWAYS wanted to do Isabel.  Well, as soon as I thought I could do it prescribed (with 95#), anyway.  I'll have to work up to doing it as prescribed, again, and do it in a few months!

I've been focusing more on weightlifting and strength work than metcons, lately, which you have probably noticed.  The reason for this is two-fold.  First, because I am playing soccer twice a week (weather depending), and I play midfield, I will be getting some extra metabolic conditioning outside of the gym.  That, and I plan to go mountain biking this summer, at least a few times.  Second, cardio-respiratory endurance comes back the most quickly out of any of the 10 general physical skills, especially for somebody like me, who has a natural strength of cardio-respiratory endurance.

I opted against making a plan for the next couple of months.  As in, I am not going to program for myself ahead of time.  Right now, it's just so hit-or-miss as to whether or not I am going to get a workout in on any given day.  So, I play it by ear.  I know that in a couple of months it will be easier to get a regular workout schedule going.

Nutrition.  I have been mostly paleo.  I did have a couple of early cheats, like I mentioned, which were accidental (food given to me by family - didn't want to be rude!).  I have been eating peanut butter still.  Ben and I had pizza once, and last week I feel prey to the oatmeal cookies.  I have also been eating oatmeal the last couple of mornings because we are all out of fruit!  Need to go to the store....

Anyway, I had an off-week, but I am ready to get back on the paleo.  I feel good about my diet because it has been about 90% good.  Even though I have fallen off the bandwagon, I did not go off the deep end.

At some point, but not yet, I am going to look into zoning my protein, but nothing else.  For you non-crossfitters out there, that means that I will weigh and measure the protein I eat (meat, eggs, fish) each day, but I will not weigh or measure my carbohydrate or fat intake.  We'll see.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peeing your pants can be funny

It's only funny because I'm 2 weeks postpartum (Hello Box Jumps!).  If I were 6 months postpartum, it would be less funny.  If I were 2 years postpartum, it wouldn't be funny at all. 

Luckily, I came across this great article by a woman named Kara whose blog, Mama Sweat, chronicles her adventure as a Mom of 4 (four!) who finds time for fitness.  If you pee your pants EVER, you HAVE to read this article.  I've really enjoyed Kara's blog, and I hope you do too.  Her blog isn't about getting the perfect post-baby body, but more about being a role model for her four children.

Which reminds me.....

I named this blog Mama Gets Her Six Pack Back because, well, it's catchy.  I wanted to name it "Mama Gets Her Fran Time Back" but that really alienates those of you who don't do CrossFit.  (Are you wondering who in the heck is Fran?  See, I told you, it's alienating!  This is "Fran"

However, upon giving birth to Morgan, and sitting in the tub taking a bath that very same day, staring down at my saggy stomach, I had a thought.  IT DOESN'T MATTER.  It doesn't matter that I might never get my pre-pregnancy body back.  I might never fit into my size 4 Lululemons (though I hate to waste the money!), or my size 2 Levis (which were never really that comfortable anyway), and I might never have the six pack I once had.  Do I care?  No.  I don't.  I have the most wonderful son in the entire world, and that's what really matters.

I DO still care about my Fran time, and my Deadlift, and all that stuff.  However, I am confident that sometime in the future, I will get that 3-minute Fran I am after, and maybe even that 300# Deadlift (pushing a kid out is supposed to make you stronger, so I'm told!)  I'm not in a hurry, either.  When I first started CrossFit, I was really not in good shape, and it took me a while to get into shape for the Games.  That was a long road, and although I might be in a little better shape now than when I first started CrossFit, I fully expect that it will take me as long as it did the first time to reach the kind of shape that I used to be in.

I have worked out twice this week at Bridger CrossFit.  I will post on those workouts next time.  But, being in the gym is very humbling and reminds me that I used to be in really good shape.
This photo is a test.  Ben said he would stop taking pictures of himself upside down with the camera (he does that every time he picks up a camera) once I post one of those shots on my blog.  Here it is!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birth Slideshow

We had Kelly Kuntz of Kelly Kuntz Photography at the birth, and she created a beautiful slideshow of the birth.  Check it out:

The Birth of Morgan

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pull-ups and Running!

I got a workout in!  Woot woot!

But, first, on Friday, I was hanging out at the gym while Ben worked out.  I just couldn't resist the pull-up bar, so I went over to do a pullup or two, and much to my surprise, I did 2 chest to bar pull-ups!  Unfortunately, they still felt pretty hard.  After that, I tried a deadhang pull-up, and I just barely got it.  Wow!  I used to be able to do 25 pound weighted deadhang pull-ups!  I am a little shocked at how much strength I appear to have lost.  But, I guess I didn't do CrossFit for the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy, and then of course not for the last 2 weeks, so I shouldn't be too shocked.  I am sure it will come back quickly, but I was hoping that when I lost 30 pounds, I would be good at pull-ups again :)

 ANYWAY.  Saturday, June 12, was the preliminary round of the 5k Challenge that we are holding at Bridger CrossFit.  I didn't run the 5k with everyone else, but I decided to do the 5k in the evening by myself.  Actually, I ran with my friend Maggie who was also doing the 5k Challenge.  Oh, by "with", I mean "way behind".  :)  I didn't want to run with the group because I am too darn competitive and I knew I would push myself too hard if I had some competition.  I was able to let Maggie go and not try to keep up, because I know how fast she is and that there is absolutely no way I would be able to keep up.

So, I started on the 5k course, which is basically 4 laps around the Gallatin Valley Regional Park, located on West Oak in Bozeman.  The last lap takes a slight detour up and across the hill, runs the loop backwards (clockwise), and finishes across the bridge where the trails merge.  If you've never been to this park, I apologize, because you have no idea what I'm talking about.  But, for those of us who have been there, it's a pretty obvious route.

I felt good........for about 100 yards.  Then, I felt tired.  Really tired.  Not tired enough to stop.  I was listening to my body and aware that I might have to stop at any time.  But, my LUNGS.  Oh my god, they just.....burned.  I felt like I was doing "Helen", or "Fran".  The only difference is that I was going really slooooooooooooow.  All of a sudden my (unarticulated) goal of getting sub-30 turned into a goal of just NOT WALKING.

It took me 33:13, which is approximately 12:18 slower than my all-time PR in the 5k (which was set 10 years ago!  I haven't done a 5k in several years....) and probably 6 minutes slower, at least, than any 5k I have previously raced by myself.  Yikes.  I was disappointed, to say the least.  BUT, I did manage to complete the 5k without walking.

Afterwards, I decided it was probably not the best idea in the world that I had run the 5k.  However, I have recovered just fine with no detrimental side effects to speak of.  I am slightly sore today, but really just slightly.  I took it easy enough in the run that I don't think I overdid it.  Also, because my lungs were the limiting factor, my muscles weren't pushed enough to get super sore or anything. 

I'm looking forward to the start of working out more "full-time" again.  I know that I have a lot of work to do, but I am just so stoked to be able to be active again, that I'm excited for the journey.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

My postpartum journey so far

Okay, I guess I promised all of the embarassing, immediately post-partum belly shots.  We'll start with a photo of me taken on Friday, May 28, just over 12 hours before Morgan was born.  Weight:  Not exactly known, but 165-170 pounds, -ish.  I kind of stopped weighing because it was getting a little depressing :(

Here I am, on Saturday, May 29.  Not sure of the time of day, i.e. how many hours it had been since delivery, but probably less than 12.  Weight:  Unknown, because I FORGOT to get on the scale!  Grr, I was so interested in how much baby+placenta+amniotic fluid really weighed.  I can't believe that I forgot...
Isn't that.....weird?!?!?!?  The amazing thing is that I felt soooo small when this photo was being taken.  Looking at the photos now, of course, I'm thinking " I look huge!!!".  I look 7 months pregnant...only saggier!

I did get on the scale on Sunday afternoon, when I finally remembered and had the time, and much to my dismay, I weighed about 155!  However, I was not discouraged, because I read somewhere that after delivery, your weight will actually go UP on the 2nd day, or so, and then it will start to go down.  I decided to not get on the scale again for a few days so that I wouldn't obsess about weight.  Though, I was trying to collect some data for this blog.

Throughout the week, my swelling continued to decrease, and each morning I woke up feeling smaller and tighter throughout the midsection.  I had planned to use a Belly Bandit, which is a belly binder designed to help tighten your midsection and get you back to your pre-pregnancy size sooner.  I had ordered an XS which, based on the sizing chart and my measurements in the 8th month, should have fit just fine.  And, I was able to squeeze it on on day 3, but it wasn't comfortable at all and I didn't foresee myself wearing it.  Not only that, but I felt that my abdominal strength was returning rather quickly.  I decided to return my Belly Bandit.

Saturday, I decided it was time to get on the scale, since it had been 1 week.  That's a good "benchmark" that I should make sure to measure.  Weight:  142!

These photos were taken this morning, so, Day 8.  I weighed 141 this morning.

My pre-pregnancy weight was between 128-132, weight taken in the morning.  So, that gives me about 10 or so pounds to lose to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.  I figure that my boobs weigh 5 pounds each with all this milk!  So, I think I'm doing pretty well :)

I am not dieting by any means, except I am sticking to the paleo diet, plus peanut butter, for now.  That's because the store is out of almond butter and I just don't love apples without anything on them for breakfast.  I am finding that I am really hungry and eating a lot.  I decided to stick paleo for 2 reasons - number one, I am hoping, of course, to shed the fat I gained while pregnant and get back to my prior shape.  Secondly, I want to give Morgan the best possible start to life, and wheat, dairy, and soy (not that I eat soy, anyway) are common allergens that are passed on through the breast milk.

I have heard that breastfeeding is a sure-fire way to shed the pounds and is likely to actually get you way below your pre-pregnancy weight.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm just stoked to actually have a lot of room in my belly for all this delicious food AND all the horrible food aversions have completely disappeared.  Yay, I'm back to normal!  Well, almost...

Overall, I'm feeling pretty good.  Still trying to take it easy because I know the recovery will be better in the long run.  My midwife says that if I take it super easy the first week or so, I can probably do some light exercise starting around 2 weeks.  Yay! 

And here's a cute photo of Morgan:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's a Boy! - Introducing Morgan

Morgan Perry Dodge, born at 7:23 a.m. on Saturday, May 29, 2010.  He weighed 7 lbs 12 oz, is 19" long, with a 15" head circumference.  Here is his story:

I woke up at 1:14 a.m. to a sharp, painful contraction.  I went into the bathroom, not wanting to wake up Ben, and came back to bed a couple of minutes later.  I tried to go to sleep but was awakened by another contraction at 1:27 a.m.  Again, I headed to the bathroom, but at this point I was a little bit scared and shaken up, so when I came to bed, I woke up Ben.  I told Ben that I had had 2 contractions and I wanted him to sit with me through the next one, and we could start to time them.  I told Ben that I thought they felt much different than anything else I had felt before.  I was a little shaky and feeling really scared, honestly.  I think that I knew it was the real thing happening, but I didn't want to say it out loud.

We don't have any regular watches or anything to easily time the contractions, so Ben quickly downloaded an app for his Droid that times the contractions for you.  Gotta love technology!  After about 5 more contractions that came at most 5 minutes apart, we called the midwives (Rebecca Egbert and Erin Ellis of the Green Midwife Community Birth Services).  Rebecca advised that we try to relax and sleep through them (yeah, right!), and that maybe we get into the water, and to call her back in an hour.  We filled the tub and I sat in it for a few contractions, but I found that I wanted to move, and the tub wasn't big enough for me to move in.  I really liked the hands and knees position, or the knees-to-chest position, so I sat through a few contractions on the bed in the knees to chest position.  I really liked that.

At 3 a.m. or so, we called Rebecca again to give her an update, per her request.  Again, she advised that we try to rest through the contractions and we agreed to call her back when we wanted her to come over.

Around 3:30 a.m. I decided that I should call my Mom to have her make the drive from Missoula.  I hadn't wanted to call before 4 a.m., but at this point, I wasn't sure I she was going to make it if I called any later.  We didn't tell her how close the contractions were (3 minutes from start to start!) because we were worried about her making the drive as it were, being so early in the morning.

Around 4 a.m., we called Rebecca again.  I was feeling a little "pushy" but knew that I should be trying to resist the urge, because I didn't want to push before I was fully dilated.  But, realizing that things were progressing quickly, we called Rebecca and told her we wanted her to come over.  She told Ben that "She's probably only 2 or 3 cm right now, and she'd come over, but it still might be a while".  Ben hung up the phone, relayed the message.  In the next contraction my water broke (4:14 a.m.) and I told Ben that "if I'm only 2 or 3 cm dilated, I don't think I can do this!".  It was intense, and because I had no previous experience to compare it to, I was worried that perhaps I was only 2 or 3 cm dilated and not just not nearly as "tough" as I thought I would be!

Rebecca made her way over, showed up at around 4:45, at which point I was laboring on the toilet or in the hands and knees position, hanging on Ben's lap.  I was very vocal during the contractions, and I was surprised at how natural it felt to vocalize, and how I didn't feel self-conscious about it at all, even though I thought I would be.  Rebecca took one look at me and said "Okay, I'll get set up", realizing I think that we didn't have as long as she thought we would with most first time mamas.

The advice to resist the urge to push continued, I'm not sure how long, but maybe for another hour even.  I finally told Rebecca that I just couldn't resist anymore - it was taking all of my willpower and concentration, and I found myself pushing during contractions, like I couldn't help it.  She did a quick check, determined I was fully dilated, and gave me the go-ahead to push!

Pushing was WAY better than not pushing.  It hurt, sort of, but it was also incredibly rewarding.  I could reach in and feel Morgan's head, and I could feel him enter the birth canal.  It was awesome.  It definitely did hurt a bit, and I was afraid of the "ring of fire" that I've heard about, which is the burning sensation you get as the tissues of the vagina get stretched to the maximum.  However, I knew it was inevitable, so I might as well embrace it.  We ended up pushing for about 30-35 minutes, primarily in the squat position, with me resting between contractions hanging on Ben's legs (he was seated behind me in a chair).  We ended up giving the final push in the hands-to-knees position, which proved the absolute most effective at that point. 

When he was born, Ben immediately said "It's a boy!" and I exclaimed "Oh!  He's so cute!"  I was expecting the typical Winston-Churchill look-alike newborn, but to me, MY baby was cute :)  I guess that's the maternal love hormone cocktail working it's magic.  I wish we had gotten the birth on video like we had planned, but everything happened so fast that I forgot to get the video camera upstairs, and for that matter, I didn't show anyone how to use it, and I even forgot that we had a video camera until I was pushing.  We did get lots of birth photos that we are making a slideshow out of so I'll share those soon :)

Reflecting on the event, the thing that surprised me the most was that I never felt like I needed or wanted any drugs.  The only time I had any self doubt was when the contractions started up for the first time.  Well, and then when Rebecca said she thought I might be at 2 or 3 cm is all, but I knew that she wasn't here to see me so she was just guessing.  At least, I had hoped she was very wrong!

Afterwards, Ben asked me if it was the hardest thing I've ever done.  I thought for a minute, and said "No".  It wasn't, really.  It was intense, and it definitely wasn't easy, physically.  But, it was easy in the sense that I trusted my body to do what it needed to do, and I knew that whatever was going to happen wasn't optional.  My body was going to give me a certain amount of pain/stress, and it was up to me to handle that pain in the best way I could.  I also knew that, like everything else in life, this too, shall pass.  I just kept thinking about the fact that when this was over, the pain would be gone, and I would have my baby in my arms.

However, if Ben had asked me the same question sometime between 5 and 7 a.m., I might have had a very different answer for him.  That's the thing about natural birth - it only sucks when you're in it, and then you immediately forget.  Thanks, oxytocin!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yes, I'm Still Pregnant.

I have been bad at updating my blog, but it's not for lack of thinking about it.  Here's pretty much all I have to say right now:
  • Still Pregnant.
  • Becoming my own planet.  Looking for a name - maybe I'll go with Pluto since that's now up for grabs.
  • Apparently my gravitational field is so strong that the dogs are unable to leave me alone.  Seriously.  
  • I also seem to be breaking everything electronic that I come into contact with, save my laptop (knock on wood).  But, seriously, everything else keeps breaking.  
  • Wait, let me check......Yep, still pregnant.
But, I have figured out some details about the postpartum class I will be holding at Bridger CrossFit, so I thought I could update ya'll on that:
  • Who:  All new mamas and their babies (optional), aged 1 year and under.  
  • What:  CrossFit, of course, modified for postpartum moms!
  • When:  July 12 - September 2, Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30 to 11 a.m.
  • Where:  Bridger CrossFit, 1404 Gold Ave #4 in Bozeman
  • Why:  To get back into shape and meet new friends
  • How:  For more information or to register, call 551-2092 or email me.  To sign up online, click here.  Cost is $250, with down payment of $100 and 2 payments of $75.
  • Details:  This 8 week class will meet 2 times per week for 1.5 hours each.  Mamas are welcome to bring their babies, as we will take turns working out and watching the babies.  Even if you need to show up breastfeeding, that's okay - you can jump in the second half of the class to get your workout in.  
  • Also included:  Two seminars on topics of interest to new moms.  We'll have a seminar on postpartum nutrition, with emphasis on proper nutrition to maintaining milk supply for exercising, breastfeeding moms.  The second seminar is still being determined, and the interest of our class attendees can influence what we decide, but we're talking with physical therapists, doctors, and chiropractors about various lecture topics that are important for postpartum women.  (The seminar dates will be decided with the input of the mamas who sign up for the class.)
Not Due until July or August?  Don't worry, we'll start another Postpartum Class in late September.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

38 weeks and counting!

I have made it to 38 weeks.  That means that I have between 0 and 4 weeks to go!  For a planner like myself, it's really difficult to NOT be able to plan my life out for the next couple of months.  Hell, I could have a baby tonight, really.  That sure would ruin my plans for tomorrow :)

Last weekend, my wonderful coaches and I all gathered and programmed workouts for the gym for the next 12 weeks.  That's.......downright awesome.  What's even more awesome is that the workouts that we have programmed for the end of June and beginning of July look like pretty darn awesome workouts for me to do to get back into CrossFit.  I think I will supplement the workouts with some strength work, if for no other reason than I LOVE to lift weights!

But, again, it's hard to plan, because I know I need at least 3 weeks of recovery, and that's just before I will be okay with some light lifting (as in, low impact).  But, that means that I can start working out anywhere between 3 and 7 weeks from now, at the earliest.  See the problem?

I'm not complaining, however.  I will enjoy the last couple of weeks of this pregnancy and get ready for the baby to come.  We are almost completely ready.  I still have to install the carseat, but at least I have the car and the carseat, now.  I also have to put the diapers away into the changing table, but at least they are all washed (with the exception of my 2 wool covers).  That's pretty much it! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

37 Weeks today

I have no photos of me working out to show you.  Honestly, I haven't been working out lately.  I've been walking as much as I can - but I find it hard to motivate to go walking when it is SNOWING, which it has been for the past few days.  I've also been incredibly busy for a couple of reasons.

#1.  My puppy, aka my baby, aka Mikey, pictured above.  He ate his dinner too fast, or something, and ended up with an obstruction in his stomach (well, where his stomach empties into the small intestine).  He had to go in for emergency surgery on Tuesday.  He spent Monday night throwing up and drooling like a Saint Bernard.  I knew something was up, so we took him in, and after a series of diagnostic tests, discovered the obstruction, and they went in to operate.  Thanks to the vets at 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman, Mikey is just fine.  He's spending the next few days at Grandma and Grandpa's house, where he can be isolated from Sammy (our other dog).  He's not supposed to run, jump, or play.  For Mikey, you might as well tell him he also can't breathe.  Poor guy.

#2.  My Dad has been in town for the past 2 days helping me re-finish some furniture.  Why I thought it would be a good idea to refinish furniture, I am not sure.  But, Dad came to the rescue and did the majority of the work.  Ben also helped out all day today.  I probably shouldn't be breathing those fumes anyway, so I got off the hook.  But, it feels good to have our nightstands and dressers re-finished and ready to go.  I can't wait to put away all of my workout clothes and get them ready for when I can workout again!

Speaking of that, I am 37 weeks today.  That's officially full-term, and I am now cleared for my homebirth.  Now, I have a 5 week window in which Sprocket can arrive and we can birth at home, if all goes well.

My mom's first baby arrived 3 weeks early (that's at 37 weeks, folks).  I arrived 3 days late.  Any bets on when Sprocket will arrive?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

36 Weeks today

(This photo is from our Thanksgiving Day workout.  So, I was about 15 weeks at that point, I think.  Early on, I noticed that even though I hadn't gained any weight, everything was just harder.  I couldn't do muscle ups at all anymore, pullups were harder.  Hell, air squatting was hard!  Lots of hormones in play there, increasing my blood volume and what not.  It was frustrating because I still was small and should be able to do a lot of stuff, but just didn't have the energy).

Four weeks to go!  Plus or minus, of course.  I'm 36 weeks today, which means that Sprocket could make his entrance anywhere between now and 6 weeks from now.  So much for planning ahead!

The last two days at the gym we did the CrossFit Total (1 Rep Max Back Squat, Shoulder Press, and Deadlift....add them up to find your total).  I so badly wanted to do a max deadlift - not to mention back squat, which I have always loved.  Deadlifting though....the deadlift and I have not always had the best relationship.  I would love it if I could pull 300#, but I am stuck in the low 200s.  Ahem, WAS stuck in the low 200s.  I feel a big PR coming on sometime in 2010!!!

So, that leads me to my postpartum workout plan.  I have nothing set in stone yet.  I figured that is a project that can wait until after the baby is here when I am really itching to workout.  But, I have definitely been thinking about it for some time.

I have solicited the other active mamas I know for advice on how they made a come-back.  The general consensus is:  Take it easy at first.  Walking and hiking is all you need to do for the first month or so.  My midwife likes to add that if you go super, super easy for the first week (like, don't get out of bed, easy) then your recovery will be much, much better.  She said that you could maybe even do some light jogging 3 weeks after the delivery if you take that first week super easy.

So, 3-6 weeks after the birth, I will start working out again.  I'm mostly worried about high impact exercises for now - box jumps, heavy olympic lifting, etc.  Basically, any jumping.  To be honest, I'm not even interested in any "light jogging" 3 weeks after the birth.  I'll stick to the rower, thank you.  So, my early workouts will consist of some of the following:
  • Strength work.  I'll focus on powerlifting exercises to get my strength back.  Shoulder presses for the core strength, squats and deads, also for core strength.  As a side note, I feel like my abs are still really strong, so I'm curious to see how long it will take for them to "recover"
  • Short, only moderately-intense metcons.  Things like 10 minutes of "Cindy" (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats, repeated for 10 minutes), rowing and kettlebell swings, lunges and situps (if I am able), etc.  Basic movements to work on general metabolic conditioning and that work the whole-body.
What's really up in the air is how long that will last.  Stay tuned.  Next time:  The Benchmarks.  When, how, and why.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never get between a pregnant lady and her food

Here's a photo of me at, I think it was, 11 weeks.  Maybe 12.  This is the last photo I have of me where you can't really even tell that I am pregnant - not even I can.

The photo down below is just a week later - so, 12 or 13 weeks.  Amazing the difference!

When deciding what steps to take to get back into shape after Sprocket arrives (Sprocket is the baby, which is probably pretty obvious....but you never know), the first thing I considered was my nutrition.  After all, about 80% of your body composition can be attributed to what you put in your pie-hole.

Naturally, I thought about the Paleo Diet.  I did some preliminary research (on discussion boards, mostly), and it appears that a lot of women find that the paleo diet doesn't work for them post-partum, but, that Paleo + Dairy works great.  Maybe you need to drink milk to make milk.  Maybe these particular women couldn't get enough calories without the dairy.  Who knows.  But, what I do know, is that I have also come across stories of nursing mamas who do not consume dairy, and do just fine.  In fact, when babies appear to be having an allergic reaction to something that mom is consuming that is getting passed down through the breast milk, dairy is high on the list of things to remove from the diet to see if baby improves.  (Wheat and Soy are also high on the list.  Shocker.)

So, I have not completely decided on one diet of the other.  (By "diet" of course, I mean "type of eating", and in no way mean that I will be restricting calories!!!)  I have a bit more research to do.  I'm thinking paleo is the way to go, but I also want to see what the research says about amounts of protein, fat, and carbs I will need to intake.  I'd like to have a bit more of a game plan than just "going paleo".  Maybe. 

All of this talk of the Paleo Diet reminded me of how completely and fully I fell off the paleo bandwagon when I got pregnant.  Twice, actually.  (The second time was in Los Angeles when I went to a breakfast joint where they served fresh, hot, cornbread muffins.  Wow.  That was the beginning of the end.)  Now, I probably could have stuck paleo, honestly, but it would have been hard.  Really HARD.  Where I normally crave vegetables and meat, I found myself craving bagels with cream cheese, and sourdough bread.  Sourdough bread.  I don't even like sourdough.  At all.

Doing some reading in a book I borrowed from my midwife (Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives by Jane Coad), I learned a little bit about prenatal nutrition.  Here's the cliff's notes:
  • The energy requirements for pregnant mamas is only about 200 calories/day especially taking into account the decreased energy expenditure of most pregnant women.
  • Protein requirements are only about 1.1g/kg/day (or, about 65 g for someone like myself) and in fact, high protein intakes during pregnancy have been linked with increased risk of congenital abnormalities in the offspring.  That's probably why I felt that my protein intake was drastically reduced - it was.
  • High fat diets during pregnancy are not recommended, again, because abnormalities can develop.  Research suggests that a diet that is around 30% fat and 50% carbs is optimal.  I am taking that with a grain of salt, of course, because I completely disagree with a lot of "recommended" diets.  
However, because my cravings tended to reflect what is "recommended", I have to wonder.  I certainly wouldn't create an eating "plan" based on what I read in this book, but it's interesting when it validates what I have been eating all along.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Welcome, please enjoy

Welcome to my new blog!  As I near my 35th week of pregnancy, I am less able to workout, which leaves me with a little more time on my hands to plan my postpartum return to fitness.  This blog will chronicle the adventure from the end of pregnancy as I return to full-time CrossFit training.  I'm not leaving out any of the dirty details, either.  (I mean, haven't YOU always wondered what a woman's stomach looks like 30 minutes after giving birth?!?).  I will include all the "before" photos, before I even have the "after" ones to compare them to.  I'm not going to paint a pretty picture of what being a new mom is like - and let me say, I have NO IDEA, yet, what it will be like.  My hope is that this blog will help other women have an easier, or at least, more confident transition from pregnancy back to fitness.  If nothing else, know that you are not alone on this journey.

And, for a little more detailed background on me:

I am a CrossFitter.  I qualified for and competed in the 2009 CrossFit Games.  My training for the games can be found at my other blog.  I own and operate a CrossFit Affiliate in Bozeman, MT named Bridger CrossFit.

Here are some of my stats, pre-baby:
Press 90#
Squat 220#
Deadlift 245#
Clean and Jerk 145#
Clean 155#
Snatch 115#
Fran 4:15
Grace 4:14
Helen 8:12
2k Row 8:33
Max Pullups 31
Karen 9:31
Cindy 21 Rounds
Angie 19:57

It's hard for me to write those down, not knowing how long it will take for me to get back to that kind of fitness.  I have heard that women are stronger post-baby.  I sure hope so, because that deadlift could use a little bit of work!

My due date is May 27, 2010.  Between now and D-day, I will be posting about any workouts I do, my plan for working out after the baby arrives, as well as some interesting research that I have been doing about insulin and pregnancy/breastfeeding.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to having you along with me on my journey.