Thursday, May 6, 2010

37 Weeks today

I have no photos of me working out to show you.  Honestly, I haven't been working out lately.  I've been walking as much as I can - but I find it hard to motivate to go walking when it is SNOWING, which it has been for the past few days.  I've also been incredibly busy for a couple of reasons.

#1.  My puppy, aka my baby, aka Mikey, pictured above.  He ate his dinner too fast, or something, and ended up with an obstruction in his stomach (well, where his stomach empties into the small intestine).  He had to go in for emergency surgery on Tuesday.  He spent Monday night throwing up and drooling like a Saint Bernard.  I knew something was up, so we took him in, and after a series of diagnostic tests, discovered the obstruction, and they went in to operate.  Thanks to the vets at 360 Pet Medical in Bozeman, Mikey is just fine.  He's spending the next few days at Grandma and Grandpa's house, where he can be isolated from Sammy (our other dog).  He's not supposed to run, jump, or play.  For Mikey, you might as well tell him he also can't breathe.  Poor guy.

#2.  My Dad has been in town for the past 2 days helping me re-finish some furniture.  Why I thought it would be a good idea to refinish furniture, I am not sure.  But, Dad came to the rescue and did the majority of the work.  Ben also helped out all day today.  I probably shouldn't be breathing those fumes anyway, so I got off the hook.  But, it feels good to have our nightstands and dressers re-finished and ready to go.  I can't wait to put away all of my workout clothes and get them ready for when I can workout again!

Speaking of that, I am 37 weeks today.  That's officially full-term, and I am now cleared for my homebirth.  Now, I have a 5 week window in which Sprocket can arrive and we can birth at home, if all goes well.

My mom's first baby arrived 3 weeks early (that's at 37 weeks, folks).  I arrived 3 days late.  Any bets on when Sprocket will arrive?

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  1. I went 11 days overdue. I hope you give birth +/- 3 days of your due date. That way it's not a shock that you're early and not so torturously late. But during my eleven days I learned that length of gestation is genetic and ethnicities from higher latitudes have longer length of gestation than those from nearer the equator. So with your Mom's history, buckle your seatbelt, lady. :-)