Thursday, May 13, 2010

38 weeks and counting!

I have made it to 38 weeks.  That means that I have between 0 and 4 weeks to go!  For a planner like myself, it's really difficult to NOT be able to plan my life out for the next couple of months.  Hell, I could have a baby tonight, really.  That sure would ruin my plans for tomorrow :)

Last weekend, my wonderful coaches and I all gathered and programmed workouts for the gym for the next 12 weeks.  That's.......downright awesome.  What's even more awesome is that the workouts that we have programmed for the end of June and beginning of July look like pretty darn awesome workouts for me to do to get back into CrossFit.  I think I will supplement the workouts with some strength work, if for no other reason than I LOVE to lift weights!

But, again, it's hard to plan, because I know I need at least 3 weeks of recovery, and that's just before I will be okay with some light lifting (as in, low impact).  But, that means that I can start working out anywhere between 3 and 7 weeks from now, at the earliest.  See the problem?

I'm not complaining, however.  I will enjoy the last couple of weeks of this pregnancy and get ready for the baby to come.  We are almost completely ready.  I still have to install the carseat, but at least I have the car and the carseat, now.  I also have to put the diapers away into the changing table, but at least they are all washed (with the exception of my 2 wool covers).  That's pretty much it! 

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