Monday, June 16, 2014

10 Week Update

I'm feeling good, and I've made it back to 4 CrossFit workouts now since Jordan was born.  I'll try to recap, and then I'll try to update every time I go:

Thursday June 12
EMOM for 5 min:  2 Hang Snatch (I used 65#)
EMOM for 3 min:  3 Back Squats (I used 105#)

For time:
2 Rounds:
250m Farmers carry (35# KBs)
20 Wallball (I used 10#)
20 Air Squats


Saturday June 14
For time:
20 Back Squats 65#
20 Front Squats, 65#
1 min rest
1000k Row, not for time

Squats done in 3:26

For time:
800m sandbag carry
20 T2B
400m Sandbag carry
20 T2B
250m Sandbag carry
20 T2B

No idea what my time was....close to 20 min I think.  Maybe 17 something?

Today, Monday June 16:

EMOM for 10 min:
1 Back Squat, add weight each time.


3 rounds:
30 weighted walking lunges (I used 15# dbs)
30 wide stance banded good mornings (blue rogue band)

Then, for reps:
5 rounds:
1 min KB Snatches
1 min rest

I got 125 reps with the 35# KB.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

8 Weeks Out

Monday, June 2, marks 8 weeks since Jordan was born.  I'm sleeping more, feeling better, and really ready to get things back on track!!  We even ventured (on a plane!) to Seattle last weekend for IsaU Seattle.

Jordan and I on the plane back from Seattle.
Last week (Thursday) I did an actual CrossFit workout at an actual CrossFit Box (High Desert CrossFit).

It was:

Three sets, not for time, of:
L-Hold on Parallettes x 30-35 seconds  (I did a tuck L sit and only did 15 seconds.  My abs are still feeling pretty tired/sore)
Dumbbell Box Step Ups x 8-10 each leg  (I used 15# DBs and 18 inch box)
Pistols x 6-8 each leg  (had to use help on these, particularly on right leg!)
Take 15 minutes and work at building the deadlift to a 2 rep max

I did 175# for 2, and pulled 195# for 1, just for fun :)
10 Wall Climbs (Noes and Toes)
8 Wall Climbs
6 Wall Climbs
4 Wall Climbs
2 Wall Climbs

I did the Wall Climbs as Rx'd and subbed PVC OHS for the GHD situps.  Time was 14:59.

Tomorrow I am dialing in my nutrition even more.  What I will be doing is cutting back coffee.  Instead of a morning coffee, I will have 2 oz of Cleanse For Life.  30 minutes later (-ish), I will have my normal IsaLean Pro shake with Greens and cinnamon.  If at some point during the day I still want a coffee, fine.  I might have one.  But I am getting away from the NEED for coffee and having one first thing in the morning.  That's not good for me and it's probably also not good for my baby!!

My weight is dropping, slowly but surely.  I expect it to come off much faster now that I am sleeping and will add in more exercise to my weekly routine.  I am around 145#, so I still have at least 10# to lose (kinda depends on what I decide to do for training....I would say I probably have more like 15# to lose, but if I start training harder I'll add muscle and won't get as light....).  I expect that cutting out the coffee (or at least minimizing it) and subbing a daily cleanse will do a lot for helping the weight come off much more quickly!!

I plan on doing a workout or two this week so I'll keep ya posted!!