Friday, April 25, 2014

Rx is more sleep!

Jordan - 2 Weeks Old
Quick little update:  The first 2 weeks of Jordan's life were incredibly sleep depriving!  Of course, you would expect that, but I was not expecting that because I was able to get a lot more sleep when Morgan was a newborn!  This time, we're talking nights with just a couple of hours of sleep.

Given that, I decided I would take another week or two to let our sleep improve before getting back into any workouts.  Any extra time I have would be spent sleeping, not working out.

Now, Jordan is 2 weeks and 4 days old, and our sleep is already much improved this week!  He and I are sleeping for at least 2 hour stretches, sometimes up to 3 hours at night.  I think it will only improve from here.

So, I've decided to go ahead and start the nutrition portion of my plan as well as some light exercise, tomorrow.  I've got a date for yoga tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. and will enter the IsaBody Challenge at that time, too! 

I'm thinking my regular workouts will begin the week of May 5 - not only will that have given me 4 full weeks to get into the swing of things and get some more sleep, but I am super busy next week preparing for a JustCleanse presentation that I am hosting here in Bend next Friday and Saturday, May 2 and 3.

Oh, and I have gotten out for a few walks and a few rounds of disc golf.  I have not made it out every day (again....sleeping has taken precedence there) but I have not been entirely lazy ;)

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