Friday, April 18, 2014

Introducing Jordan

Jordan Cody Dodge made his appearance on Monday, April 7, at 6:39 a.m..  My water broke while climbing into bed at around 10 p.m.  True labor started around 1 or 2 (I lost track of time).  After a  few pushes he flew out into the world, still in the caul!

I've been taking it easy the last 11 days, focusing on enjoying the new baby and letting the family adjust.  However, I am getting antsy!  I plan to begin my fitness/nutrition regime on Monday, April 21.

The rough plan:
  • Join the 16 week IsaBody Challenge!  (  Nutrition will be isagenix + whole foods.  I'll write up a plan and post in a few days.  There will be no caloric restriction, as I am still breastfeeding of course!
  • Walk as much as I can - I'm shooting for every day of the week, but it will be at least every non-WOD day.  I'll be wearing my barefoot shoes for this of course!
  • CrossFit 3x/week, in my garage.  Right now, since I am lacking a barbell, it will be very metcon focused.  However, we will be getting a barbell and squat rack ASAP!  At that point, I will switch to a strength program.
  • Start my 6 weeks of running homework from the CrossFit Endurance seminars.  I plan on doing this barefoot and repeating weeks as necessary to make sure I have my form down. 
The goal:
  • Get back to the 120s if possible!  Otherwise at least 132# (aka 60kg)
  • Be able to run 5 miles without IT band pain, or other pain.  Long term goal (2015) is to run a trail ultra marathon, and/or possibly the Bridger Ridge Run again.
  • Get my muscle up back (I haven't actually done one since Regionals of last year....I need to work technique big time, which is why I stopped doing them.  I'll start doing technique work and see if I can get my MU back and BETTER this time!
 I don't have any more specific goals at this point because I am not sure when I will get my squat rack, etc.  I don't want to set strength goals without knowing when I can begin strength training!

I am also throwing around the idea of competing in the Oregon Summer CrossFit games, since they are right next to my house :)  We shall see....

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